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Walt Rector
In Commercial Real Estate since 1970
Having been in the business for 40 years, Walt Rector is a well-seasoned veteran in the commercial real estate investment business and the man to have at your side. Not only is he experienced, but he is innovative, creative and persistent. He has a wide range of projects which include ground-up development, improving existing property, fee development, mentoring, and consulting.
In addition to being managing member of all Bromont entities, I provide consulting services to owners, buyers, investors, developers and lenders.

As a mentor, I would assist with development plans and selling these plans to investors. From there, I would assist and monitor the execution of the business plan. Due to my extensive resume and longevity of experience in the field, I am a valuable resource and partner . By creating a partnership and using my expertise, lenders or partners would be more inclined to working with buyers and owners. Lenders look for someone who is experienced in the type of product they are developing and I am just the right wing man or mentor.
My specific experience is in Class A Office buildings, Retail, Planned Unit Development, and Mixed-Use spaces.
  • If you own vacant land - How should I position it to sell at the highest price?
  • If you own an improved property - How do I increase value, determine if I should re-develop it to maximize value or if it should be sold with a specific business plan?
  • I see value add properties for sale, what is real potential for value add and how do I achieve it?
  • If I have a major tenant lease with a term less than 10 years, how do I extend it to add value and execute on it?
  • If I have a property with below market rents, how do I capture them?
  • If I am investing in a development opportunity, how do I assure muyself that it is safe and will achieve the projected returns?
  • How do I negotiate with sponsors of development opportunities?
  • As a lender, does the commercial loan viable?
  • As a lender, if a loan is out of balance, how do I work with the borrower?
  • If you are a borrower facing foreclosure or loan rebalancing, I can help you with the discussions with your lender or investor.

Ask Yourself

Some projects I have consulted on previously:

  • Equestrian Estates
  • Scottsdale Waterfront
  • Palisades Highlands
  • Various commercial properties owned by special services
  • Developed or re-developed 50 anchored shopping centers for my own ownership in Phoenix, Las Vegas, Houston and Washington D.C.
  • Currently owns a 300,000 square foot retail center in Richmond, Virginia

References are available upon request.
Types of Properties
Unimproved Land – I would help create a strategy to make it marketable immediately or in the next business cycle. I would also provide insight as if I was the buyer and determine what is the highest use to invest in. I would also be willing to aid in creating a development plan for the buyer and get the property planned and zoned.
Improved Property – I would determine if the highest and best use is to improve, modify or tear down the space. After doing so, I would assist the owner in creating a strategy to improve the space to have it generate higher cash flow and greater value. I am also skilled in back-filling vacant space and would be willing to assist in doing so.
For More Information
If you have any questions or would like references, please do not hesitate to send us a message.